Improving the boron carrier is one of the biggest challenges in BNCT:

The boron concentration gradient

between tumor and surrounding healthy tissue should be significantly increased.

The absolute amount of boron in the tumor

cells should be significantly increased.

The targeting

of the boron carrier to the tumor cells (carrier cell surface affinity and/or cell internalisation) should be significantly improved.

The kinetics

of the boron carrier should allow for a long retention in the tumor cells.

Tenboron’s lead boron carrier has a high number of boron atoms and an antibody targeting unit that directs the carrier specifically to cancerous cells

Tenboron’s lead boron carrier is administered directly into the tumor, followed by neutron irradiation

Boron Neutron Capture reaction leads to intense local irradiation precisely at the site of boron accumulation, which leads to tumor necrosis

In addition to the lead molecule, Tenboron has two other carrier development programs.

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